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    $495 Firewall Configuration Review

    Superior Consulting has been engaged in the performance of IT review and security testing services for the banking industry since 2003. Our experienced personnel have worked with hundreds of financial institutions in the evaluation of their network security and internal control systems. Beginning in 2013, we began offering our IT security testing services to other industries, in part through our fixed price, non-exploitative $495 Firewall Configuration Review service. Learn more about this great service offering below.
    Key Features
    $495 Firewall Configuration Review
    Test 1 Firewall Configuration
    Extensive Formal Compliance Report

    Why should you consider this service?

    Identify Security Vulnerabilities
    Assess the condition of your external network interface and monitor for patching issues, configuration errors, or other vulnerabilities.
    Comply with Benchmark Standards
    Evaluate compliance with benchmark standards pertaining to your make and model of firewall to ensure key configuration settings are properly applied.
    Safeguard Corporate Reputation and Data
    Let us help maintain your reputation as cybersecurity, legal, or regulatory incidents have increasingly large reputational costs in addition to other penalties.
    Improve Oversight of IT Functions
    External consultants like Superior can help you provide greater accountability for both internal staff and outsourcing partners like managed service providers.
    Increase Business Continuity
    Technical security breaches are costly affairs and may not only expose sensitive data, but can also result in downtime for key systems.
    Monitor Security Strategy and Investment
    Our services provide a window of feedback to monitor the effectiveness of efforts to manage and remediate cybersecurity, compliance, and other risks.

    What are the deliverables from this service?

    Formal Report of Review, including:
    • Scope of Work Report
    • Technical Report of findings from our testing
    • Appendices detailing results for all designated IPs or URLs
    • Access to vendor knowledgebase for support for identified vulnerabilities

    Common Questions

    In order to clarify any questions you may have regarding this service, we have provided a series of common questions below. Also, Please be sure to read the Terms & Conditions of this advertisement for further information.
    Testing Process
    What does the Firewall Configuration Review cover and how will it be performed?
    This service is an off-site compliance review of one (1) designated firewall from an eligible manufacturer and model. To perform this service, you must designate the device you wish to be tested and provide us with the offline configuration file for the appliance and we will perform testing using our toolkit of automated testing solutions and manual review processes.
    We offer this fixed price service for most major firewall manufacturers and models, including devices from Cisco, FortiGate, Juniper, Palo Alto Networks, SonicWall, and WatchGuard. Please Contact Us to confirm your make and model of firewall is eligible for this service.
    This service is a configuration file review of your designated firewall(s). Specific assessment parameters vary based on your specific firewall make and model. For example, we may audit a Cisco firewall against a list of best practices compiled by the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Cisco Firewall Benchmark. This test may evaluate considerations such as access list restrictions, SNMP configuration, use of Secure Shell for device access, and so forth.
    Our Firewall Configuration Review is an offline review service. Rather than authenticating to and scanning your firewall remotely, you will provide us with an export of your firewall configuration file, which we can import into our toolkit to perform the review. This process is entirely offline and we will never touch or otherwise access your firewall during performance of this review service.

    No, this service represents a device-level review and does not include performance of assessment services targeting any other assets. In other words, this review seeks to evaluate the configuration of a given designated device, but does not include performance of a vulnerability scan or penetration test.

    If you’re interested in other services, please check out our other IT service offerings, such as our $995 External Penetration Test service.

    Your test will be performed by direct employees of Superior Consulting, LLC. At present, all of our employees are based in the United States, subject to extensive criminal and civil background checks, and have confidentiality agreements with our firm. We will not utilize 3rd party contractors to perform any of our testing without providing prior notice to you and, unless otherwise stated, all testing will be performed by our direct employees. We do not outsource any testing or assurance activities outside of the United States.
    Our toolkit is constantly reviewed to ensure we are able to meet the challenges presented by a continuously evolving security environment. We presently utilize Nessus Professional to perform this assessment. The tool(s) selected for your engagement may vary based on our perception of the appropriate tool necessary to properly assess your environment. As a rule, we only utilize subscription-based tools in order to ensure we are using tools with updated definition files to facilitate testing for current compliance standards.
    For our review services, you will work with one of our experienced technical IT auditors, which provides our firm with the ability to discuss – in detail – the findings of our review with your internal IT personnel or 3rd party network services providers or vendors. We actively attempt to filter false positives or errors generated by our automated tools before providing you with a report and our auditors are available to discuss your findings in detail after the conclusion of our testing.
    Yes, but please contact us for details. In order to deliver a fixed price assessment, we are required to restrict the number of eligible devices to those optimized to integrate with our automated toolkit. We also offer manual account review and ‘hands-on’ auditing services, but the nature of these services requires that we learn more about your environment and the goals of the engagement before we can provide a price estimate.
    Timing & Cost
    When can the review be performed?
    Performance of testing requires an executed engagement letter between Superior and your company. Once we have the appropriate contracts in place, testing can ordinarily be scheduled to commence within the next 48 to 72 hours; however, this service is dependent upon you or your service provider sending us a copy of your firewall configuration file, which must be exported from the firewall you wish to be assessed. Expedited testing may be available upon request.
    Our $495 service fee provides for the performance of a single firewall configuration file review at a time of your choosing. We also offer more frequent testing intervals, which may or may not be further discounted depending on size and frequency.
    Yes, if you perform this review in conjunction with our $995 External Penetration Test or $1,495 Internal Vulnerability Assessment, this service is eligible for a $100 discount for each firewall configuration file reviewed.
    How are review results reported?
    We issue a formal report for all of our review services. This report will include an overview of the findings from our test (management report), as well as any recommendations regarding remediation. A copy of the full automated testing results will be included as an appendix to our report. To reiterate the above, the management report is written directly by our personnel and the results of any scanning are added as an addendum, with our goal being that the final deliverable from our engagement will be polished and understandable.
    We issue all of our reports in electronic format (PDF) via our proprietary secure website or via secure e-mail. Report turnaround time generally requires one to two weeks in order to process the report through our internal quality control function; however, expedited issuance of reports is available upon advance request.
    Absolutely, please Contact Us if you would like to obtain a sample review report.
    Re-testing & What if?
    We have more than one firewall configuration file we wish to have reviewed. Do you offer a discount for review of multiple devices?
    Yes, we do offer discounts for multiple devices. One additional device will reduce the cost of each review by $50, resulting in a total cost of $890 (($495 – 50) x 2). 3 or more devices will reduce the cost of each individual review by $100 per review. In addition, as noted above, if you are concurrently engaged for or have used our other IT services during the past 12 months, including our $995 External Penetration Test or $1,495 Internal Vulnerability Assessment, the price of this review is also decreased by $100 per device. For example, the total cost of both the $995 External Penetration Test and this service (for one firewall) would be $1390 after the $100 discount you receive. Additional discounts may be available for higher volume engagements.
    Can you provide a rough estimate of the additional cost for IP addresses in excess of 25?
    Sure. As a rule, our pricing works on a block basis, so each additional block of up to 25 IP addresses will result in an additional $995; however, we occasionally offer discounts in order to ensure our pricing is equitable. Please Contact Us to discuss the specifics of your situation.
    Is re-testing included in the $495 price and, if not, do you offer this service?
    Re-testing is not included in the $495 price. Our goal with the $495 price is to deliver a fair value to all our clients regardless of whether or not a given client requires re-testing services. In consequence, our service offering is not padded with additional time or margins that may or may not be justified depending on your decision to request re-testing. If re-testing is required, we do offer this service at a reasonable additional fixed fee of $295 for a single re-test including the issuance of another formal report OR a discounted fee of $175 for a re-test without an additional formal report. Re-testing must be performed within 180 calendar days of the initial test.
    Terms & Conditions

    This advertisement represents an ‘invitation to treat’ and any acceptance of the advertised terms will not be considered a binding contract, which requires the written execution of an engagement letter with Superior Consulting, LLC. This engagement letter includes additional restrictions and limitations regarding the advertised service and must be executed before the commencement of these services. The terms stated above, as well as through any mailings, brochures, or electronic advertisements, may be amended, or this advertisement may be revoked or cancelled, at any time by Superior Consulting, LLC, with or without notice.

    As advertised above, the stated service fee will cover the performance of off-site review services for one (1) designated firewall appliance, which is eligible for this service as determined by Superior Consulting, LLC and at our sole discretion. This testing will be conducted using automated tools of our choice and we will rely upon information provided to us by the client in the performance of this test. At the conclusion of our testing, we will issue a report to the client in electronic format via secure e-mail or our secure website. The terms advertised above are only available to formally organized business or non-profit entities located in the United States of America. Entities located outside the United States should contact us for further information regarding these services.

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