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  • Benefits of Working With Us

    Identify Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities
    We can assess the strength of your networks through our range of internal and external IT security audit and consulting services.
    Satisfy Legal & Regulatory Requirements
    Let us assist in meeting your legal and regulatory obligations under GLBA, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and consumer protection laws and regulations.
    Safeguard Corporate Reputation
    Let us help maintain your reputation as cybersecurity, legal, or regulatory incidents have increasingly large reputational costs in addition to other penalties.
    Improve Oversight
    External consultants like Superior can help you provide greater accountability for both internal staff and outsourcing partners.
    Increase Business Continuity
    Our evaluation of system security, network architecture, staffing resources, and procedural work flows can also improve your business continuity profile.
    Monitor Business Strategy & Investment
    Our services provide a window of feedback to monitor the effectiveness of efforts to manage and remediate cybersecurity, compliance, and other risks.

    What Clients Say About Us

    Superior Consulting has audited our BSA program for compliance for the past two years. Their audit procedures are very comprehensive. There suggestions for improvement have been helpful with a common sense approach. They were also very knowledgeable on new compliance issues. The bank examiners commented that the scope of the audit was very thorough.
    Sheri Reiner - Compliance Officer | People’s Bank & Trust | Client since 2007
    Superior Consulting has been an integral component of our bank's compliance and BSA audit programs since the inception of SFC Bank in 2008. Additionally, they have been a consistent source of information regarding regulatory changes and have provided applicable training to SFC Bank personnel. The results of their efforts are reflective in the positive results of the bank's compliance and BSA exams. We will continue to utilize Superior Consulting's expertise.
    Nick Spinelli - Senior Vice President | Springfield First Community Bank | Client since 2008
    We value our relationship with Superior Consulting. Their expertise and consultation has not only strengthened our internal programs but has also enhanced the quality of the services that we provide to our customers. The timeliness of their reports and quality of work is exceptional.
    Gary E. Metzger - Chief Executive Officer | Liberty Bank | Client since 2007
    Legacy Bank and Trust has benefited greatly from its relationship with Superior Consulting. Their staff is experienced and well qualified. We have found that once we have completed an audit from Superior, we are more than ready for an examination from our regulators. Superior has helped us identify and correct weaknesses in our systems and policies before an examination. Our examinations have been cleaner and quicker over the years since we have been their client and we anticipate using them for years to come.
    John Everett - Chief Executive Officer | Legacy Bank and Trust | Client since 2008
    Superior's compliance and IT/ACH experts are personable, knowledgeable, and always available to help. Their audits and timely advice have strengthened our risk management efforts and prepared us for examinations in the constantly evolving regulatory environment.
    Don Shields - Chief Information Officer | Nodaway Valley Bank | Client since 2007

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