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    Your partners at Superior Consulting appreciate the necessity of protecting your critical data assets. Our personnel are highly experienced in the performance of an array of IT security evaluation and audit activities, including external penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, in-depth technical security analyses, and intensive social engineering testing. We also understand that fair, equitable pricing is the key to earning and retaining your business. 
    While many of our information technology services focus on the provision of IT security consulting or audit services, our experienced personnel can also assist your organization in evaluating business continuity planning needs and formulating recovery plans in the event of a disaster scenario. From assisting your organization in developing a comprehensive business impact analysis to define key functions, recovery time objectives, recovery point objectives, and maximum tolerable downtimes to writing a continuity plan or facilitating table top testing, our personnel can provide valuable independent guidance regarding the disaster recovery process and how that process should integrate into greater business continuity planning concerns.

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