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  • Our IT Services will be a great
    addition to your Service Portfolio

    Superior Consulting is positioned to deliver great value to our IT Services Resellers. From referral fees to white label reseller agreements, we believe we have a program that will meet your customers’ needs and fit seamlessly into your existing services.
    Becoming a Reseller
    Contact Us
    Please contact us via the form below or request a call back from our staff to start the process.
    We’ll reach out to learn more about your organization and assess suitability for a reseller arrangement.
    If we’re mutually suitable, we’ll send you an agreement appropriate to your tailored reseller program.
    System Setup
    Get access to our internal CRM for document exchange, program information and storage.
    Being a Reseller
    Branded Reports
    We can customize all our reports to align with your brand’s appearance or we can issue reports under our cover.
    We are always there to answer all of your questions via communication channel that your prefer.
    Dedicated Expert
    Your organization will be paired with one of our experts that will help you meet the needs of your clients.
    Consistent Quality
    Every service we provide to your organization undergoes stringent quality assurance procedures.
    Years is the average tenure of our employees. For our dedicated team, everything focuses on delivery of Superior outcomes for our clients.

    We’re a dedicated, highly skilled group of professionals. Our sole focus is on meeting the expectations and demands of our clients.

    Superior Consulting is a team. Although we represent a cross-section of professional skill sets and experience, everyone at Superior Consulting believes in delivering superior service focused on exceeding client expectations. This means that when a client calls, we pick up the phone. When there’s a question about strategy or a request for a new service, we listen and put all of our resources and expertise on the issue.

    It is our mission to make our clients more successful and to become an indispensable partner to your organization through consistently providing Guidance You Can Trust. We can only accomplish this mission through being attuned to your needs and through maintaining a team of professionals well-versed in the industries we serve and the services we offer.

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