The Community Bank is under siege!

Your partners at Superior Consulting realize that the community bank is under siege from an unprecedented volume of new regulation, ever increasing competition, thin profit margins, and an unusually hostile regulatory environment. Our singular mission is to provide you with Guidance You Can Trust during these troubled times in order to ensure your institution does not become yet another statistical casualty of this environment.

ALLL Review

Accurate identification of risk with your loan portfolio has become an increasingly complicated exercise after the release of the Interagency Policy Statement on the Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses (ALLL) and the full implementation of the ASC 310 and ASC 450 (FAS 5 and FAS 114) accounting standards. Due to increasingly technical nature of accepted ALLL methodologies, Superior Consulting also offers services designed to assist banks in the development and implementation of an accurate ALLL recognition model. Services include initial design and development of an ALLL methodology, assistance in the implementation of this methodology and calculation of adequate reserves, and provision of guidance for the creation and implementation of an effective asset risk rating system.