Expert Security Evaluations

Your partners at Superior Consulting appreciate the necessity of protecting your critical data assets. Our personnel are highly experienced in the performance of an array of IT security evaluation and audit activities, including external penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, in-depth technical security analyses, and intensive social engineering testing. We also understand that fair, equitable pricing is the key to earning and retaining your business.

Technical Assessment

The technical assessment is the flagship service within Superior’s lineup of IT service offerings. This in-depth, comprehensive evaluation generally includes penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, and reviews of additional key technology deployments within your environment against industry standards and organizational policy. The areas reviewed within this service offering include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Operating system policies and security settings;
  • Firewall & router configuration;
  • Anti-virus and anti-spyware configuration;
  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention System configuration;
  • Password standards & strength;
  • Network architecture and deployment standards;
  • Logging policies and review procedures;
  • Back-up methodologies;
  • Physical access controls;
  • Exchange server configuration;
  • Remote access management; and
  • Website and web server configuration.