Expert Security Evaluations

Your partners at Superior Consulting appreciate the necessity of protecting your critical data assets. Our personnel are highly experienced in the performance of an array of IT security evaluation and audit activities, including external penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, in-depth technical security analyses, and intensive social engineering testing. We also understand that fair, equitable pricing is the key to earning and retaining your business.

Policy Development

Information Security Program (ISP) and Risk Assessment (RA)
In response to the extensive demands of the GLBA, Superior Consulting began the development of a template program for creation of a comprehensive ISP and RA. Since beginning the development of our ISP and RA templates in 2004, we have provided our program to over 100 institutions throughout the Midwest. We have also striven to constantly update this program in response to new regulations, revised examiner hot-buttons, and changes within the technology environment, which has resulted in over thirty versions of our ISP program since its inception.
Other Policies
In addition to the development of the ISP and RA, Superior Consulting has also developed the following policy templates to meet the IT governance needs of our client institutions:
  • Business Continuity Plan;
  • Business Impact Analysis;
  • Identity Theft Policy
  • Electronic Banking Policy
  • Wire Transfer Policy
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) Policy
  • Audit Policy
  • Pandemic Preparedness Plan
  • Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) Policy