The Community Bank is under siege!

Your partners at Superior Consulting realize that the community bank is under siege from an unprecedented volume of new regulation, ever increasing competition, thin profit margins, and an unusually hostile regulatory environment. Our singular mission is to provide you with Guidance You Can Trust during these troubled times in order to ensure your institution does not become yet another statistical casualty of this environment.

Fraud Controls Review

The impact of fraud within the banking industry is simply tremendous. Ask any veteran of our industry to provide a summary of their experiences with fraud, and you will likely receive a litany of tragic accounts that have befallen community banks throughout the nation. Many institutions have realized the terrible impact of fraud and the chain-reaction of losses, regulatory scrutiny, and damaged consumer confidence that can arise from these incidents. In order to assist community banks in the development of effective fraud-mitigation controls and the assessment of potential vulnerabilities within the internal control environment, Superior Consulting has developed our fraud controls review service. The colloquial saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure could not ring more true in relation to fraud. Through use of this review, Superior’s Certified Fraud Examiners will evaluate your internal control environment for any weaknesses that could allow for the instigation of fraudulent activity. Additionally, Superior Consulting can also provide assistance your institution in the detection or investigation of potential fraudulent activity.