The Community Bank is under siege!

Your partners at Superior Consulting realize that the community bank is under siege from an unprecedented volume of new regulation, ever increasing competition, thin profit margins, and an unusually hostile regulatory environment. Our singular mission is to provide you with Guidance You Can Trust during these troubled times in order to ensure your institution does not become yet another statistical casualty of this environment.

Number of Commercial Banks and Thrifts in the U.S.

The decline in the number of community banks.
Data from the Federal Reserve states that in the
last 30 years, the number of commercial banks & thrifts has decreased by over 58% and over the
last decade, over 4,000 community banks have
merged or failed. Don’t become a statistic!

Key regulatory changes

The toughest financial reforms since
those passed in the aftermath of
the Great Depression¬Ě
Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform
and Consumer Protection Act

The Dodd-Frank Act expands regulatory oversight across an already complex and fragmented regulatory landscape. Given this and other recent developments, you need Superior consultants upon whom you can rely to provide Guidance You Can Trust in this challenging environment.